The Red Willow Tribe


Long ago in 1609 there was a tribe called the Red Willow people. In the tribe there was a boy named Big Bear and when he was up in the mountain he saw a wagon so he ran down to his people. When he got there he saw a man with a long stick and with shiny armor and 39 men on horses.

The chief said they were Spanish soldiers from another place. The Spanish leader said we are looking for gold. The chief said we do not have gold here.

The Spanish soldiers stayed for 2 years and ate all their food and kind of use them as slaves. The Spanish were teaching the Red Willow people their way of life and took them to church every Sunday they wanted them to be Catholic people like them but the chiefs said we do not want to give our religion up for your religion.

The Spanish were saying we should hang chiefs for not wanting to be Catholic like us. Okay, then go hang chiefs. Big Bear was the first one to get up in village and the first one to see the hanging chief. Then he went to a house and told everyone that the chiefs were hanging in the middle of the pueblo and the Spanish leader said you are our slave now.

The Spanish put Big Bear's people in corn fields to pick corn. The rest of Big Bear's people were slaves to the Spanish. Big Bear ran into the forest before they could get him. After a few weeks Big Bear built a house in the forest. When he was he building his house he heard a loud noise in his village and he looked and saw 3 of his people landing on the ground. One of the Spanish soldiers saw Big Bear and shot at him and missed. The Spanish soldier ran after him. Big Bear got his bow and arrow and shot the Spanish soldier.

After a while he heard footsteps by his house. He went outside and looked around and saw two boys who ran away. Big Bear asked them what was wrong. One of the boys said, "We ran away because our mom and dad got killed by two of the Spanish soldiers." "What has been going on down there?" "Killing," one of the boys said. "How come they are killing our people?" "Because the people don't what to work that way."

The next day the Spanish got very mad cause the people were not working so the people of the Red Willow tribe got into a war. Big Bear said he was going to war when he got down he saw a lot of people of the Red Willow tribe dying but the Spanish were dying even more but before he could look around his chest was hurting so much he knew that he got shot by one of the Spanish and he blacked out. After 2 minutes he opened his eyes and saw the 2 boys crying on his chest. Big Bear died 12 minutes later. THE END


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