The Story About the Red Willow People


Once in an old village lived a chief his wife a son and a daughter. The chief's name was Running Wolf, the wife's name was Morning Glory, the son's name was Little Bear, and the daughter's name was White Flower. All was peaceful in the village until one day some strange men came to the village. They had strange long sticks that would shout out fire from the end. They talked in a strange tongue that we could not understand. they said that they wanted to trade knives, guns, and horses for squash, beans,and corn. But the chief said no, so the leader of the white men got so mad that his face turned as ripe as a strawberry.

The leader of the white men killed the chief because he did not want to trade with the white men and because they did not want to change their religion of how they were living in the village. Then White Flowers heard her mom crying over her dad. White Flower's mom told White Flower and Little Bear that they were going to run way. So the next morning they got their things together and they took what they needed on their way to the mountains. They didn't go far until a Spanish soldier caught them and took them back and whipped them and raped White Flower's mom.

They sold White Flower and her brother. But White Flower and Little Bear managed to escape. They took what they needed including a lot of food that they had hid in the corn fields. That night they climbed out of the window and started toward the north. They walked for a long, long time then Little Bear was getting hungry so they stopped to eat. They knew that they could not build a fire because if they did the Spanish might find them and take them back and whip them.

So they did not make a fire but they stayed the night and in the morning they would have to keep moving north so they wouldn't get caught. But when they saw the Spanish soldier coming toward them they ran to the west. They ran and ran, ran, and ran but Little Bear started to get tired so they stopped to rest for the night.

When they woke up they found themselves in a different village. Something caught their eye. They saw an old lady who knew how to make a horno. One day the Spanish soldiers came to look for the two kids. The two hid in the horno that the old lady made.

The Spanish soldier walked right by them. He didn't even see them so the Spanish soldiers left the village. The old lady gave the kids a lot of food that they were going to need on their way back to their old village. They were going to have to go through the mountains because the Spanish soldiers were going on the trail. They started to go in top the mountains then they stopped to rest. But they they knew that they could not stay for long.

Because they knew that they would get caught, they had to keep on moving so they did, but it started to get dark. All of a sudden they ran into some Apaches. The Apaches took them to their village and asked them what they were doing out side of their village. White Flower told them what had happened to their mom and dad so the chief of the Apache said we will have a war against the Spanish soldiers. The next morning the Apaches went to war. They had a big fight against the Spanish soldiers. The woman and children went into the mountains and the men stayed and fought the war against the Spanish soldiers. That was the day that peace came to the village.


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