White Feather and Pretty Flower


Long ago in the 1500's there was a village of the Red Willow tribe. There was a family. In their family there was a girl and a boy . The girl was 12 years old and the boy was 13 years old. The girl's name was Pretty Flower and the boy's name was White Feather .

One day they were picking Choke Cherries and plums in the mountains . After they had enough they went back to their house.

When they got to their house there mother was making dinner and their father had gone to the kiva. When their mother gave them their dinner their father came stumbling in the door then he fell . He had been shot. The Spanish missionaries walked in the door. The mother said in the Tiwa language go out the back door!!

The two kids dropped their dinner and went out the back door. They went around their house . They saw their mother getting whipped. Then the Spanish pulled her by her hair and took her away.

Pretty Flower asked her brother what they were doing to their mom. White Feather said, "I don't know .

When White Feather turned around the Spanish man grabbed him by the arm. He told Pretty Flower to run so she ran down the alley . Another Spanish man jumped on her. The two men took White Feather and Pretty Flower and put them in a cage. Each day the Spanish would bring them food. Pretty Flower asked White Feather what that round yellow thing was. White Feather peeled it and tasted it. He made a sour face. Pretty Flower said, "Look!!! White Feather. Turn around."

White Feather turned around . They were taking kids in a wagon. A Spanish man was coming for them . Then he saw something in the tree it was his friend he was 14 years old .His name was Standing Deer. When the Spanish man opened the cage he jumped on him . Pretty flower and White Feather got out of the cage . Then Standing Deer got up and ran.

They ran until they got to the mountain. Pretty Flower got tired and went to a lake nearby . She drank some water and got up. She asked her brother if he was okay because he had an a shiny piece of silver in his right leg . He fell to the ground he had gotten shot by the Spanish man when he got of the cage. Standing Deer pulled out a small pouch and opened it and put it on White Feathers leg . And Wrapped it with a small clothe around it and tied a knot. After it got quit they heard gun shots from the village and people screaming.

Standing Deer picked up his Bow and his arrow and ran down the hill to the village White Feather was trying to get up . But Pretty Flower wouldn't let him. She went crawling to a bush . She looked though it and people were getting killed by the Spanish . She saw Standing Deer running. He pulled out a arrow and shot a Spanish man. A Spanish man came behind him and shot him before he could turn around he dropped to the ground Pretty Flower screamed. Then her brother got up grabbed his bow and arrows.

He got up even though he was in pain he started to run . Pretty Flower peered out the brush she saw her brother. He pulled out an arrow and shot a Spanish man . The Red Willow people were getting mad. They chased the Spanish men into the mountains.

The Red Willow people were happy because they went away. Pretty Flower came down to the Pueblo . She ran to White Feather and gave him a big hug. They ran to see Standing Deer. He was still alive. They took him to their house and put him on a deer hide. He died moments later .

They took him up to the mountains and buried him there and put pretty flowers on it . After they did that they went back to their house and got their food , Clothes and tools and went to live in the mountains. The End


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