Red Willow


Once there was people who lived in the mountains. The Spanish were in the forest. The chief said," Don't be seen by the Spanish, if you do, you will get tortured by the Spanish."

This boy named White Eagle went to the river to have a drink of water. A Spanish saw him. White Eagle started to run. The Spanish shot him in the leg. He fell then the Spanish dragged him to their quarters. They wanted him to help build a church, but he escaped with bloodlines on his back. The chief said, "What happened?" He said, "I got caught by the Spanish."

The Spanish started coming to get them, but the Indians started running to the other side of the mountain. The Spanish saw the Indians. They shot their guns at the Indians and many people got killed. The Spanish put chains on the people they caught. They were not used to horses, so they got sick from diseases.

Four years later these twelve kids came out of a cave. There were six boys and six girls. The boys did not know to hunt. This old man showed them how to hunt and the girls how to cook. Then the kids died of old age. THE END


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